We proudly do things differently

Read The Label was founded with the vision to create and drive a positive change in the textile industry. This is done by creating products with respect and care for people and the environment. Our design philosophy is based on the Scandinavian tradition of minimalistic design. We strive to create products with uncompromising quality that our customers will use and love for a long time. Through our products, we want to inspire a more conscious world.

How it all started

Three years ago, my journey began - in search of the world's best bedding. But along the way, I realized that it's not just the length of cotton fibers, thread count or weaving technology that defines the world's best bedding - it's about so much more.

In 2018, when I started looking for producers in the textile industry, I was horrified. I read about how the cotton industry - one of the world's dirtiest industries - uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world. Furthermore, 270 000 Indian cotton farmers have committed suicide in the last 15 years, a figure that is impossible to comprehend. How our most vulnerable societies and valuable ecosystems pay the price for our large, cheap consumption.

But how come that the industry pushes people to go so far as to choose to take their own lives, and how come the continual release of so many dangerous chemicals by the cotton industry? One of the answers is the lack of transparency in the textile industry. Many companies don't know where their products are made, by whom or in what way. As many as 93% of the world's clothing companies don't know where their cotton comes from and 76% do not know where the fabric is woven, knitted or dyed. Unfortunately, it doesn't look better when it comes to bedding.

I decided to do what I can to create and drive a positive change in the textile industry. It was the start point for Read The Label. I listened and learned from those who are the soul of the supply chains. From cotton growers in the fields to textile agents and producers whose stories revealed a brutal reality.

I found a cooperative of organic cotton growers in Telangana (India) that collaborates with a family-owned company in Kolkata and built a production chain – from seed to sheet. Read The Label was launched in 2018 with the vision to create a new standard for sustainability and make ethics the norm for everyone. Our promise is to offer full transparency and showcase the entire production chain - from cotton seeds to sheets. Because if we do not become aware, how can we bring about change?

Organic farming

Promoting the use of responsibly produced materials is one of our top priorities. Approximately 70% of the textile industry's sustainability impact takes place at the raw material stage – before the product has actually been manufactured. We are using the finest organic cotton that is certified with GOTS. The cotton is grown completely without dangerous pesticides or GMO seeds, which improves the health of the farmers as they do not have to be exposed to the chemicals. This also prevents watercourses and crops from being poisoned and that you as a customer do not have to come into contact with cotton which can cause irritation, rash and dizziness.

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Ethically produced

Our respect for humans and the planet affects the way we design and produce. Each product is manufactured according to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. All of our producers are Fairtrade certified, which is the only certification with a clear goal to combat poverty and strengthen people's influence and ability to act. Our products are made by adults, who are fairly paid and treated with respect. Working conditions are safe and we prohibit child labor and all forms of discrimination. The Fairtrade premium also goes to social, economic and environmental initiatives. For example, to invest in children's education, health care and in agriculture.

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Exceptional quality

From farms to factories, we find the finest cotton and work exclusively with skilled and responsible factories and manufacturers. We have carefully selected the finest long-fiber cotton, which can be spun into a light, airy and heavenly soft fabric. Bedding that you never want to step out of and that lasts a lifetime.

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With full transparency, we provide the full story behind every product. We track our bedding from seed to sheet, so you get all the information along the way. We want to help both us at Read The Label and you as an individual to understand the effects of our decisions and start doing better. By opening the doors to our factories, you can read about how our producers commit to exceptional craftsmanship, ethical practice and the finest materials.

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