A commitment towards a better World

Our respect for humans and the planet affects the way we design and produce. Each product is manufactured according to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. We have created transparent and long-term collaborations with our producers in organic farming and Fairtrade, who share our passion for the environment and human rights.


Conventionally grown cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world. As many as 77 million cotton farmers suffer from skin diseases, cancer and other diseases each year - and in the worst case, death. When you come in contact with conventionally grown cotton, it may contain traces of chemicals which may cause irritation, rash and dizziness. We use only the finest organic cotton that is GOTS-certified, which is the "gold standard" in organic cotton. The cotton is grown without dangerous pesticides or GMO seeds, which improves the health of farmers and their families. They do not have to be exposed to toxic chemicals in the field, which also poison watercourses and crops.

Our producers use natural agricultural processes that maintain a prosperous ecosystem. Marigolds are used for pest control and water consumption is reduced by reusing rainwater for irrigating the cotton plants. Organic farming reduces water use by 91 percent, greenhouse gases by 46 percent and makes energy savings of 60 percent. By choosing organic cotton from day one, we are helping thousands of cotton farmers in India to a better life. This little seed helps us all sleep a little better at night.


The textile industry is one of the world's dirtiest industries filled with shortcuts and exploitation. The industry is driving demand for low overheads and high returns, which leads to unsustainable working conditions. In India, the average life expectancy of the cotton farmer is 35 years due to the dangerous pesticides and stressful supplier debts. Long working days, child labor, extremely low wages and the lack of housing are the reality for many Indian textile workers. But just accepting the status quo is not a choice for us.

We have created long-term and transparent partnerships with our fantastic producers in India, all of whom are Fairtrade certified. Fairtrade is the only certification with a stated goal to combat poverty and strengthen people's influence and ability to act. Our bedding is made by adults, who are paid fairly and treated with respect. Working conditions are safe and we prohibit child labor and any type of discrimination. Fairtrade premiums also go to social, economic and environmental initiatives. For example, investments in the development of children's education, health care, clean drinking water sources and agriculture.