The new luxury

Our design philosophy is based on the Scandinavian tradition of minimalist design. We strive to manufacture uncompromising quality products that our customers will use and love for a long time. We use the finest organic cotton from the cotton fields we visited ourselves. Our Indian producers only work with the finest materials and qualities and have an incredible craftsmanship that has been around for generations. Each product is carefully packaged in bags made from waste fabrics from production.

Heavenly soft

We love the feeling of luxurious, crisp and heavenly soft bedding. Bedding that you never want to step out of and that lasts a lifetime. Our satin bedding has a luxurious sheen and becomes irresistibly soft. Sateen is a weaving technique where the thread first runs over four threads, then under one, then over four, and so on. The fabric becomes heavenly soft, cool and comfortable against the skin.

Light and airy

Thread count (TC) indicates the total number of cotton threads on a square inch of fabric. As the thread density increases, the fabric becomes warmer and denser. Our bedding has a thread count of 300 TC, which creates a perfect balance between compliance and softness. The thin, long-fiber cotton also makes it possible to create a product that is incredibly light, breathes well and at the same time provides warmth.


The length of the cotton fibers partly determines the quality of the cotton. Long cotton fibers can be spun into a thinner and finer thread than is possible with short fibers, which must be twisted several times to create a strength in the thread. We only use the finest long-fiber cotton that is untwisted, which gives extremely resistant products.