The cotton is then transported to Sagar Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. and Winsome Yarn Ltd. which spins the cotton fibers into threads. This is a very important step to ensure that the high quality cotton is spun into a smooth, soft and fine thread.

Winsome Yarn

Winsome Yarn is located in the state of Punjab and the company has 750 employees. The company's core values ​​are: human rights, good working conditions, protection of the environment and eradicating corruption. In the workplace, for example, it is strictly forbidden to discriminate against anyone on the basis of caste, skin color, creed, gender or residential address. The company also takes care of women's safety, for example they are offered transport to and from work.
Winsome Yarn Ltd, Derabassi, Mohali, Punjab, Indien

Sagar Manufactures

Sagar Manufacturers is located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh state. The company runs several charity projects, including computer and language lessons for women and the elderly. Sagar Manufacturers also donates money, clothes and blankets. At present, the company has 600 employees.
Sagar Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd, Dist- Raisen, MP, Indien