Morning Talk with Agnes Maltesdotter

Agnes Maltesdotter is a freelance photographer and stylist who captures the small moments of life in text and image, in a beautiful and uncluttered way. Among other things, we can follow her through her Instagram account @undanflykter where she stands on the doormat to the world and throws herself into various adventures, embraces nature and is in constant motion. We are fascinated by Agnes who listens inwards and follows her heart. Agnes inspires us to make more conscious choices in everyday life and live a more sustainable and qualitative life, in harmony with nature and her inner voice.



Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do
I love to live for the day it’s the absolute best thing I know. I live for the present more than anything else, but with my dreams and visions. Dreaming has probably taken me to where I am today. I am a freelance photographer and stylist, who for over four years has lived all over the world for lack of the feeling that home is a specific place. Therefore I made the whole world my living room. Then of course there are places I like better than others. There are just some places where I feel more like myself. I prefer to wake up where you can hear the sound of nature, see the sea from the window and live in a rhythm where things do not matter so much. I never thought I would make a lot of money, but instead focused on what really gets me in balance and what makes me happy. I probably live a lifestyle that is similar to many people I know, but does not represent the majority. With a bag on my back and a garage somewhere with surfboards, bicycles, climbing equipment, running clothes, a yoga mat and a ceramics workshop to be able to land back in from time to time, then I’m as happy as I could be. I definitely live for movement. It is the thing that keeps me sharp and in harmony.

When did your passion for photography begin? What does that photo and the adventure mean to you?
I work as a professional photographer and have done so for the past three years. Before that I was working at a café and saving up in order to focus on my photography. Over time, I gathered a portfolio large and nice enough to get some real jobs, and no longer had to question if I could live on what I love. Quite simply, photography has been with me my whole life. And sometimes I forget that I see everything in pictures. I think that’s why I’m so keen on moments to shine. Because somewhere within me, I save it behind the eyelids. The photo and the world is my home, my family and I know that no matter what happens I will always have it. Is it the feeling of being completely free that drives me forward.

You live with nature by your side. When do you feel most present?
As most present, funnily, I’ve had ADHD and struggled all my life to focus on what people are saying, but realize that I usually lose what they say into the second sentence. I told my boyfriend Jonathan that I was sorry, I did not feel very present. But then he answered so nicely: “No one is as present as you, because no matter what people say, you are the most present in what you do.” So I think I’m good at finding my inner strength and finding focus when I do something I want to do, something that catches my interest. Yoga has become such an important part of my life because it’s so clear when you lose or shift focus.

What does sustainability mean to you? What are your recommendations for how to live a sustainable life?
Wow, a lot. When I think about sustainability I think of making things last longer, quality not quantity. To contribute, I for example use locally grown plants and fruits in my cooking, travel by train and really think before I shop something new.

What is your recommendation to others who dream of being digital nomads?
If you want something, you must dare to try. Try to let go of security and ready to completely throw yourself into a space where you control your time yourself. Sounds easy, and for many it is. I’ve just had such a hard time finding my way to do it, but most of the time I have succeeded. However, with time and patience I know that if I start the day with movement, everything will be fine. Find tools and balance at work and you will experience change.


When does your alarm clock go off? What does your morning and evening routine look like?
I live everywhere, so my routines differ. However, I often try to wake up early most days of the week, but I am bad at going to bed on time. I’m both a morning and an evening person. But let’s say waking up around 6/7 and going to bed between 24-02. I have never been very good at sleeping, but I want to get better. I like to get up, exercise or yoga, eat a big breakfast around 11 o’clock, then I usually try to get work done during the day and let the evening be spent having long dinners and listening to music. I rarely watch TV or series, have never really done that but I like to light a fire and cuddle up next to Jonathan. Then not much more is needed. I often recognize how I want to spend my tomorrow and plan based how I feel and what needs to be done.

What is your favourite breakfast?
My favourite breakfast changes with time and place. I like to eat the same thing for a while, then I switch. But right now I am completely in love with sourdough bread, eggs and coffee. I usually commute between drinking a very green smoothie and a cup of coffee, to a tasty porridge that I make on different kinds of barley. Breakfast is my favourite meal and my favourite place in Stockholm is definitely Pom & Flora.

What are your top recommendations for a good night's sleep?
For me, exercise is the best medicine.

What do you have on your nightstand right now?
Haha, good question. The book The Real Happy Pill, MSM powder, magnesium, headphones, a hard drive and two candles.

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Morning Talk with Agnes Maltesdotter

Morning Talk with Agnes Maltesdotter

Agnes Maltesdotter is a freelance photographer and stylist who captures the small moments of life in text and image, in a beautiful and uncluttered...